Highlights Spoken By Panelists

The thing we do very practically, is we partner with Hytch, we provide financial assistance… we add to the funds available to Hytch, to increase the incentive to rideshare… “It’s really about connecting and building relationships because at the core of our mission and what I think really contributes to mental health is people aren’t isolated and people are in a relationship and they are part of their community with others.”

– Michael McSurdy

Robert Hartline offers a compelling vision for transforming the daily commute into a catalyst for connection and productivity. In his insightful remarks, he proposes leveraging innovative solutions to reimagine the commute as a platform for building bonds and enhancing workplace satisfaction. By creating mentorship programs and fostering a sense of community within organizations, Hartline suggests harnessing the power of shared transportation to not only address traffic congestion but also provide opportunities for professional development and support. He emphasizes the potential of shared driving arrangements to turn the commute into a joyful and rewarding experience, ultimately positioning it as a competitive advantage for employers. Hartline’s forward-thinking approach underscores the importance of embracing new strategies to optimize the way we work and commute in Nashville.

Jason Putnam, Chief Revenue Officer at Plum, delivers a powerful message on the future of work and its profound impact on individual well-being and societal health. Drawing on his extensive experience in sales, acquisition, and business development, Putnam emphasizes the critical importance of aligning people with jobs that foster happiness and fulfillment. He highlights the transformative effect of finding meaningful work, noting how it can lead to increased productivity, reduced burnout, and improved mental health outcomes. Through his insightful remarks, Putnam underscores the ripple effect of creating positive workplace environments, envisioning a future where happier employees contribute to healthier families, communities, and ultimately, a better world.

Bill Klehm – Chairman and CEO of    eBliss

“I believe in engineering sustainable and accessible transportation solutions for all. Innovation is at the heart of our mission, driving us to revolutionize industries and shape the future of transportation.” – Bill Klehm

Michael Skipper, Executive Director of Greater Nashville Regional Council

A Solution for Transportation: “Sometimes the best solution for transportation isn’t a ‘necessary’ investment in adding capacity to systems. It’s about how do we manage demand that is on the roadways’’ – Michael Skipper

Mark Cleveland – CEO & Co-Founder of Hytch Rewards

“There are 350,000 cars a day that drive to Nashville with 1 million empty seats and it doesn’t take much for us to think differently about protecting our environment and helping one another get to work.” – Mark Cleveland

Demetria Kalodimos – Executive    Producer, The Nashville Banner

Michael McSurdy – President & CEO          of Family & Children’s Service


Patrick DeCorla-Souza – Former  Co-Chair Congestion Pricing Committee of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academy of Sciences

“Addressing congestion requires innovative solutions. Through public-private partnerships and forward-thinking policies, we can create a more efficient and sustainable transportation system for all.” – Patrick DeCorla-Souza

Voices from the Nashville Transportation Symposium:

My take away: The need to fix the traffic problem grows daily, and the ability to create innovative solutions is wide open. Cyber/online platforms (like Hytch), social engineering initiatives, government planning, and even something as basic as “open up one of the shoulder lanes for paid access privileges in peak hours”.

But…the politics and “learned helplessness” of voters and our elected officials keeps pushing us back from even simple solutions.

Symposium Wrap-up: Key Takeaways and Acknowledgments

  • Those who could attend Nashville’s Drive to Work Solutions Symposium in person say it was a remarkable gathering of super well informed and passionate thought leaders committed to addressing our region’s transportation challenges, head-on. Yahoo! Mission accomplished! Please go follow Nashville Drive To Work to get the highlights and updates as the video, event notes and attendee feedback is released. We’ll be sharing memorable moments and impactful quotes that capture the essence of the learnings.
  • From a hot breakfast to the panels, attendees engaged with a diverse lineup of great speakers. Event host, Mark Cleveland offered insights on transportation innovation, Patrick Decorla-Souza delivered the goods on “highway demand management” realities, while Matt Meservey brought meaningful developments from TDOT. Keynote speaker, Michael Replogle’s strategic approaches to mitigate traffic congestion, with hands-on experience and examples, directly tracking to what any city in the middle Tennessee region can do to enjoy growth and safety. Michael Skipper announced the new GNRC matching grant program for employers  the seven county area! The labor and workforce panel, has many highlights, with Michael McSurdy contributing his unique perspectives, sourced from consituents in their employment transition support programs, on voices often overlooked by transportation planners and employers.
  • We also want to express our gratitude to all our volunteers, sponsors and partners for their unwavering support and participation. Special thanks to the Grand Lodge of Tennessee, and every Master Mason from the Nashville Scottish Rite. Your willingness to host and your presence was critical to the success of this event, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to collaborate on shaping the future of transportation in our region.